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Sunshine Children’s Home Mounts Fundraising Effort






ANDOVER – The Sunshine Childrens’ Home is asking for the public’s help in raising needed funds to help their operation. According to the home, a new wrought iron fence is to be erected in front of the facility, and each section of the fence will be dedicated to a benefactor who helped make it possible.

“You can help the Sunshine Children’s Home continue their efforts to support and protect children by making a gift of $150 per section. Your donation will provide a section of wrought iron fencing for the front of the facility.” the organization said in a flyer distributed to local businesses. “Your donation will provide a section of wrought iron fending for the front of the facility. Each section of the fence will be personalized by a plate engraved with your name and the statement, “I support and protect children.”

Since opening in 2014, nearly 600 children from fifty counties in Kansas have benefited from the services provided by the Sunshine Children’s Home. According to the information circulated, the home operates under the Sunlight Children’s Advocacy and Rights Foundation’s umbrella organization, providing rsources and facilities that support and protect abused and neglected children and their families.

For more information you can e-mail the home at thiens@scarfks.org.




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