Please find time Tuesday Aug 2nd between 6 am and 7 pm to vote!  Particularly in local and state elections, your vote truly can affect who wins.   Whether you vote for change, or vote to keep things the same — exercise your individual vote.  Vote for the candidate who will make decisions in the best interests of our local community and in your best interests. Do no let outside money buy your vote.  I was inundated (and disgusted) with SEVEN mailbox political flyers received in one day that were all paid for PACc and other non-local groups. Remember that those groups push their agenda; they are not concerned with supporting our local economy and interests.  Show them your vote is not for sale. And if I still have not convinced you to vote ….remember that strangers suffered death and imprisonment for your right to vote.  Thank you & have a great time Tuesday enjoying one of America’s greatest privileges!

Trish Voth Blankenship,
Andover KS

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