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Elected Officials Will Receive Four Percent Raise

Butler County Commissioners voted to give themselves and every other elected county official a 4 percent raise Tuesday.

The raise translates to roughly $1,100 for the commissioners increasing their income from $28,633 per year to around $29,700. There was little discussion on the matter.

After a year of work, the Emergency Operation Plan was approved for Butler County Emergency Management. The plan outlines how different county and city entities react in times of a massive emergency situation. It contains information on where supplies and other resources would be located, distributed and obtained during times of crises.

Assistant Director Keri Korthals presented the plan, which has been her pet project for the past year. Typically Emergency Management groups across the state use a state provided template to create the plan. However, after reading the extensive plan Korthals did not like the one size fits all method the state was attempting to use. She instead along with her team created the entire plan from scratch.

The process saw the group sending the plan to the state several times and completing several revisions in order to meet all the state criteria, but Korthals and director Jim Schmidt say they are ecstatic about the finished product.

“It is more specific to our county,” Korthals said. “We want this to be something that people use and reference and believe we have developed a very clear and readable document.”

Seven bids were unsealed by commissioners for new digital ortho photography for the counties mapping systems. The bids will be evaluated and returned with recommendations by GIS director Pamela Dunham.

Other business

Annual re-approvals were approved for the city of El Dorado’s Neighborhood Revitalization Plan and contracts with the county’s 10 senior centers. Annual cereal malt beverage licenses for Keighley Barn, Fastrip Haverhill, Leon Groceries, Triple S Ranch Supply, and Shady Creek Marina were also approved.

SponsorPlus will oversee city and county employee investments. The investments are entirely employee driven as a way to save for retirement. The hiring of SponsorPlus takes the liability away from the county if bad funds are bought into or do not perform to expectations. SponsorPlus monitors different funds and spreads investments to safe yet profitable investments.

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