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City Of Andover To Widen Roads, Replace Bridge

Andover drivers may have some more headaches to contend with getting through the city, but they’re two projects the city is excited about.

One is the widening of Andover Rd., to SW 120th, the other the replacing of the Turnpike bridge on 159th St. Currently both projects are in the design phase with constructed slated for 2018 and 2019. Both are to help with traffic flow on Andover Rd.

The Andover Rd., project runs from Cavalcade Ln., to SW 120th. Total bill for the project is $8.5 million for a four-lane road with curb and gutter along with a 10 foot sidewalk. Andover will be responsible for $2.2 million to come from the 1 percent sales tax set aside for roads. The project will mostly be funded through the Wichita Metropolitan Planning Organization. They will cover nearly 80 percent of the costs.

Andover council member Troy Tabor and county commissioner Dan Woydziak have worked with Les Mangus to secure 80 percent of the funding. Construction is slated to begin in 2018.

The turnpike bridge replacement on 159th St., will come with a project to widen that street to help curb traffic on Andover Rd. The Bridge is expected to cost between $3-4 million with construction starting in 2019. It will include sidewalks as well.

Funding will come from sales tax, WAMPO and the Kansas Turnpike. The city will only have to cover 10 percent of the costs.



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