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City Of Rose Hill To Fill Council, Planning Commission Openings

PHOTO: City of Rose Hill

Rose Hill is minus a city council member.

Bob Klem offered his resignation due to personal health issues this month.

Planing Commission member Jason Runnalls also resigned for the same reasons. In the mean time the mayor is looking for potential candidates to nominate to fill the rest of their term.

For residents interested in taking their place, the city asks for statements of interest to be submitted to city clerk Kelly Mendoza by Jan. 31.


Rose Hill Conducting Open Meetings Online


In an effort to provide a more open and inclusive government, the city of Rose Hill is conducting an open town hall website at www.peakdemocracy.com.

“We received feedback last spring from a focus group that the city should do more to reach out to residents,” city administrator Austin Gilley said. “Since then we have been exploring all of the community social outlets to do that and we have found that many of our residents are technologically savvy and really like social media.”

For the past few weeks, the city has been promoting the service with ads on Facebook asking residents to give their feedback via the site.

“The Open Town Hall approach appears to be a great fit for helping the city connect leader, important information, and issues with residents,” Gilley said. “We only started it this month so I cannot offer any ultimate conclusions yet about the effectiveness but the reception has been positive so far.”

Topics discussed so far include ones submitted privately through the closed topics section, however the city does have one topic they’re asking residents to submit thoughts on, where the Christmas light display should be located next year.

The topic already has 100 visitors with 14 answers. Several people have also commented on the city’s Facebook site to answer the question.

To get involved visit https://www.peakdemocracy.com/portals/265/forum_home?active_issue_id=4267&phase=Open.



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