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Spooked Horse Takes Students On Wild Ride

A horse and carriage operation much like this one was carrying Andover students on Friday (PHOTO: Pinterest)


ANDOVER — Three Roberts Martin Elementary students went for a wild ride on their field trip to Old Cowtown Museum Friday. They suffered minor injuries after riding in a horse-drawn wagon and the horse became spooked and took off.

The kids fell from the bench onto the floor of the wagon and received minor bumps. One parent fell and hurt her wrist. The team’s driver was able to turn the horses in tight circles until they calmed down, to prevent the team and wagon from crashing or hurting others on the ground. The incident cut the field trip short.

Parents received a letter from principal Crystal Hummel about the incident.

“In efforts to keep you informed, this morning during a second-grade field trip to Cowtown, four students were injured and an ambulance was called as a safety precaution. At this time, it appears the injuries are minor and the parents of those students have been contacted. No other students were or are in danger, however, students will be returning to school early from their trip by 1 p.m. We are proud of how our students and staff handled this situation. Please join us in thanking your students for their appropriate behavior. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.”

It is standard procedure for Emergency Medical Services to be called whenever there is an incident at Cowtown, no matter how big or small. The wagon team will be put on a short suspension and re-evaluated for safety. All teams undergo extensive retraining in the off season to ensure they’re calm enough to pull passengers.



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