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Ambulance struck by semi while responding to accident



ANDOVER — Several accidents shut down traffic on the Kansas Turnpike south of Andover Saturday night. One of the vehicles involved was a Butler County Ambulance that was hit while responding to a previous accident.

The ambulance vs. semi accident saw no injuries but caused heavy damage to both vehicles.

For several hours all lanes were blocked. Drivers northbound were stopped and drivers southbound were directed to exit at Andover.

The pileup began around milepost 56. Stephanie Schultz, 29, of Benton sideswiped a slow-moving vehicle driven by Junette M. Deweese, 74, of Abilene. Both were traveling south. Schultz was transported to a local hospital after sustaining injuries. Deweese was not transported. Both drivers were reported to be wearing their seat belts.

The responding EMS rig was responding to the accident. Drivers of the ambulance entered the right lane of the highway behind a 2011 semi truck driven by Garcia Eduardo, 64, of Riverside, Calf. The ambulance then passed them on the right shoulder, which prompted the semi to move into the left lane. In an effort to get to the turn around the ambulance turned in front of the semi and was struck while turning.

Amber Dawn Henrie, 28, of Augusta was driving the ambulance. Both parties were reported to be wearing their seatbelts and neither were transported to the hospital.



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