Andover trap shooters successful in first season

ANDOVER — The bar was set high for next year’s Andover High School trap shooting team after finishing second at the 2A state competition this year. This was the inaugural season for the team, and coach Randy Randall could not have been prouder with how it went.

“It went extremely well,” Randall said. “We were runners up in the regular season league and have a few shooters in the top 20 at the state shoot.”

With Randall’s son hobby being shooting targets, starting the team was a no brainer. However, there was question on whether there would be others interested at the school.

“I assumed if my son wanted to do this there would be others at Andover High that wanted to also,” Randall said. “I was pleasantly surprised at the first meeting we had 30 kids show up! We ended up having 25 shooters.”

There were several hurdles to overcome in the first season. In order to compete all team members had to be certified in hunter safety.

“Andover High School Athletic Director Brent Reidy and the office staff at Andover High were very welcoming to this new sport,” Randall said. “They were helpful in every aspect. I have a great group of parents and assistant coaches that I’m indebted to, who made this a successful season. I could not have done it without them. They stepped right in and helped manage the kids and run the trap shooting equipment and any maintenance that was needed.”

Every participant had to have their own shooting vests, ammunition and tokens for shooting time. Randall made safety a goal for the team and worked to help each student improve their marksmanship while having fun. He said the team had plenty of fun and were very safe, but where they excelled was in their marksmanship.

“The kids were extremely respectful and helpful to one another and the coaches,” Randall said. “It was a great mix of kids. We had seven seniors, which will be leaving. I’m hopeful everyone else returns along with new members including incoming freshmen.”

In tournaments a squad of five shooters shoot at 50 targets during a session. The season lasts nine weeks total. There are three practice weeks, one reserve week and five competition weeks with the state shoot the first week of June.

For those wanting to sign up for next season, hunter safety or other gun safety courses are a must. There will be a information meeting to start off he school year. For any further questions contact Randall at



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