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Area canola crop headed for harvest

PHOTO: Olivia Haselwood



AUGUSTA — Remember that bright yellow canola field from a write up in May? It was it’s turn to be harvested Tuesday evening.

Once the flowers died off the plants produced long skinny pods like a soybean plant. These pods produced black seed in a similar size to buckshot. Once the plants die and dry out, it’s a race to get the crop harvested. Pods on canola shatter easily due to wind and heat causing large portions of the grain to fall on the ground and substantial losses.

The farmers cutting the field had to have his combine and header gone over with a fine tooth comb to find any holes the tiny seed could escape from.

The seed will be trucked to Milan, a small town in Sumner County to a Mid Kansas Cooperative rail shuttle facility. From there it will be loaded onto a train and shipped to processing plants across the country. There’s only a handful of facilities that will take the seed.



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