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Butler County boasts low closing costs



Butler County ranks ninth lowest across the state in average closing costs.

According to a study by Smartasset, a financial information gathering website using U.S. Census Bureau data, Butler ranks ninth with customers paying around $3,084 in closing costs on average. The survey looks at the percentage of closing costs paid on a house of median value. This means that on average Butler County residents pay $134,500 for a single family home. Closing costs amount to 2.3 percent or $3,084.

Johnson County has the lowest paid in closing costs in the state. A median home of $215,600 has a 1.6 percent closing cost value. Residents buying homes in Johnson County will pay $3,475 on average in costs. Their costs are higher overall, but the percentage of the home value paid is less, therefore, establishing the ranking.

Coming in ahead of Butler County is Johnson, Riley, Douglas, Leavenworth, Miami, Pottawatomie, Ellis and Geary counties.

All the percentages are calculated on 30-year fixed rate mortgages.



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