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KHP says fatal accidents are on the rise



It’s a stark reality one Douglass family is coping with after a vehicle accident claimed the life of Rusty Inkelaar this past week. However, some disturbing numbers from the Kansas Highway Patrol show that more and more Kansas families are dealing with the loss of loved ones due to traffic accidents.

A study released by the Patrol this week says that there has been 174 traffic deaths across the state from January to May according to AAA. That represents a 13 percent increase from the same timeframe a year ago and 44 percent in 2015. It’s an upward trend KHP doesn’t see stalling anytime soon.

For all of 2016, there were 432 traffic deaths in Kansas. This is a total year increase of 20 percent. Cheaper gas prices have more drivers out on the road. A spokesperson for the KHP says in most cases, distracted driving is the root of fatal accidents.

KHP recommends putting down the phone, setting your radio before you leave the house, and paying greater attention to the road around you. These measures could allow drivers to practice defensive driving and prevent accidents in some cases.



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