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Legislators talk budget issues, taxes at wrap up event

State Rep. Mary Martha Good (R-El Dorado) addresses constituents Friday as State Senator Bruce Givens (R-El Dorado) looks on (PHOTO: Olivia Haselwood)

EL DORADO — Both Bruce Givens and Mary Martha Good shared words of relief with constituents Friday morning as they talked about how they’re first legislative season went. While they spoke of many things, their biggest topic was explaining the new budget bill, and their relief that it was passed.

For both Givens and Good, a solution to the state’s budget was something they were elected on. Givens started his time in front of a crowd of 30 or so people at the Civic Center by explaining the process it took to develop the bill.

“It has been an honor to serve and a privilege to learn this process,” Givens said.

Good followed by sharing her thoughts on how and why the budget bill that did, passed.

“It’s been fun, exciting, scary, sad, just about every emotion,” Good said. “Kansas is broke. We are so broke that I don’t know how we’re going to make it to July. By next year or quarter we’ll have a positive balance again on the books with this bill. We’ll still be in dire straights, but we’ll be working towards a positive balance.”

She said the night the budget bill passed was pure celebration in Topeka. She and other government leaders shared the same sentiment ‘This is what we came here for,’ and lots of hugs.

Good also talked about the passing of her friend Patsy Terrell of Hutchinson.

Between the two topics that were discussed were telemedicine, roads, cost of medicine, El Dorado Correctional Facility, and tax brackets.

“Even with this bill, taxes will still be lower than in 2012,” Good said. “We’ll have an ending balance that’s more sustainable and then we can start doing some property and sales tax relief.”

“We can’t celebrate a tax increase, but we’re not going to be the laughing stock of the nation,” Givens said. “We’re going to be on solid ground and have fair and balanced taxes.”



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