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Project approvals follow county budget meetings



EL DORADO – Butler County Commissioners had a short agenda to counter their long week of budget meetings underway this week. Several projects were approved.

A platform chair lift will be installed in the south stair rail of the historic courthouse and an ADA ramp added to the outside exit. This platform lift will allow guests and employees of the courthouse another option to move between floors. The lift will also act as a backup in case for some reason the elevator fails. It will be hooked up to generator power and have a backup battery system in case of power outage.

Howard Distribution Inc. will install the lift for $22,155 and Beran Concrete will construct the ramp for $5,500.

Also on the project list is an order for five litter fences for the Butler County Landfill for a total of $25,140 from Metta Technologies.

The screens are movable and are 24X15 feet big. Currently staff builds a couple of screens a year to keep trash from blowing into adjacent properties from the landfill. However, due to workload, it takes county crews months to build one screen, which is smaller than the one’s Metta quoted.

“It’s a slow process,” Public Works Director Daryl Lutz said. “It’s time consuming and we can only build a few a year. They can build them for less than we can.”

Lutz said it cost the county $5,600 to build one scree. Metta sell the individual screens for $4,595 and can have several done and delivered in a month.

Commissioner Ed Myers said he would like to see any additional screen purchase in the CIP due to the cost and project’s scope. Lutz said if the screens worked well the department would add five more into next year’s CIP.

In addition, the commissioners opened four bids for culvert letting work for this season. The bids ranged from $371,500 to $481,000. The staff was instructed to tabulate the bids and bring them back for approval.

Lutz told commissioners that he was going to hold off on the purchase of two single axle dump trucks. While the trucks offer easier maneuverability, Lutz said the costs associated with the purchase far outweighed what he wanted to spend on that type of machine. He and staff were going to evaluate and bring the item back before commissioners next year.


Tactical training

Over the next few years, several changes are planned for the Emergency Response Team. The biggest of which will be the retirement of Captain Don Currier. While his retirement won’t happen for several years, the group is already looking towards the future.

To ensure the team is in good hands Currier plans to stay on until his replacement has suitable training. Part of this training involves attending the Tactical Commander Course in Westminster, Colo. Commissioners approved that Tim Eldredge attend the training after being selected as the next team commander by the group.

The three day course will cover command responsibilities, control and planning, developing team policy and SOP’s, rapid intervention to “active shooter” situations, rescue team concept and other situations that might arise for himself and his team. It will also give him an overview on how to conduct safe and realistic training.

Eventually the department would like a couple of team members to go through the training in case the team commander is unavailable for a situation.

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