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Smith brings non-traditional healthcare model to Andover

Dr. Christiane Smith cuts the ribbon at her grand opening on Wednesday. (PHOTO: Andover Area Chamber of Commerce)



ANDOVER – Focus Direct Family Medicine is different, and may even rise to the level of non-traditional. But the changes are something that Dr. Christiane Smith is embracing as she opens her new business in Andover. Surrounded by her family and friends, she officially introduced her business to the community with a ribbon cutting held in conjunction with the Andover Chamber of Commerce.

Smith says that she wants to bring changes to the way her patients receive care, and part of that is engaging with her clients in a way that is personalized and meaningful. “We want to be able to change the way that people are used to their medical care by bringing the old style of service back.” Smith told the group gathered. “We want our patients to know that we are available and will return a phone call, or even a text or Facebook message.”

On her website, Smith doesn’t mince words when it comes to her views on some of the turns the healthcare industry has taken.

“The “Direct Care” or “Direct Primary Care/ DPC” model of medicine gets rid of the nasty insurance business middle-men and gets medicine back to the way it is supposed to be– based on the relationship between your doctor and you.” The clinic says via FocusDirectFamilyMedicine.Com. “This model of care is gaining momentum across the country as patients and physicians alike are fed up with the current flawed and expensive system of health care that is failing them at every turn.”

In most cases, Smith says that she can fill prescriptions at reduced rates, and even perform lab work on a wholesale basis. Services are available for a monthly fee, rather than dealing with the rigorous process of insurance claims and monthly premiums.

Smith is already becoming active in the Andover community, having joined both the Chamber of Commerce and the Andover Rotary Club. For more information on her services, visit her website or call the clinic at 316-453-6123.



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