WuShock tryouts set for August 8th

WICHITA – Wichita State will be hosting WuShock tryouts on August 8 from 5-7 p.m. in Charles Koch Arena.

Those coming to try out need to be wearing athletic attire and be ready to work.

Requirements to be Wu:
• Full time student at WSU in good academic standing
• Able to perform with professional demeanor in front of a variety of crowds
• Able to interact with children of all ages
• Able to attend events and home games
• Able to attend Mascot Meetings once a week with the Spirit Coordinator
• Build- The student needs to be between 5’8″ and 6’2″ and able to wear the Wu suit

Students that are selected to portray Wu will be expected to make a time commitment to the mascot program. The mascots are required to attend games and events at WSU and around the community. The time commitment ranges from 5-15 hours per week depending on the time of year and the number of appearance requests. WuShock is an ambassador for the University, the Athletic Department and the community. The students who portray Wu must display good decision making skills in and out of the suit. WuShock is expected to promote crowd involvement and sportsmanship at athletic events and appearances. Attendance at meetings, good communication skills and dependability are requirements for being part of the mascot program. Students selected as Wu will be asked to keep their “mascot identity” a secret while they are an active member of the mascot program.

Students that are selected as WuShock who remain in good standing with the program will receive benefits each semester. The students selected to be Wu will receive a scholarship as well as a full book scholarship. Students also receive complimentary tickets to all sporting events they are performing, clothing, access to a medical trainer, and travel to tournaments.



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