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Commission approves Rose Hill topsoil operation

ROSE HILL — James Keller will be opening a topsoil harvesting operation at 330 W. Rosewood near Rose Hill.

Butler County commissioners approved a conditional use permit for the operation Tuesday. The business was signed off on by the planning commission, and Rose Hill City Council because it lies within the town’s development area.

At first there was some mixup at the scope of the project that made some within the city hesitant to approve the operation. A meeting between Keller cleared up the issues. He was on hand along with Bill Baker of the Rose Hill City Council to answer any questions the commission might have had.

The 77 acres of land includes a single family home, which Keller said he plans to reside. He plans to use trees and landscaping such as berms to hide the large dome structure the soil is stored in. Top soil will be sold out of the location for residential and commercial use.

Keller will harvest 4 to 5 inches deep to get the top soil with only two acres harvested at any given time. He estimates that only 5 acres will be harvested a year. After the bare areas are planted back to natural grass for hay or agricultural production.

Other planning and zoning items approved included a lot split at 19722 SE Flinthills Rd, a zoning change from AG-40 to rural residential for a property owned by Lowell Lygrisse at 3399 SW Santa Fe Lake Rd., and a mortgage lot split on a property located at 16442 NW 20th St., owned by Robert and Joy Harder.




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