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County computers fall victim to cyber attack



EL DORADO – If you have to do business with the county today, you could experience some delays. Butler County officials determined Monday that a number of county computers were infected by a ransomware attack over the weekend. With many ransomware attacks, the computer user returns to his device to find a message that says the unit has essentially been taken hostage by outside software accessed through the internet. In many cases, the person facilitating the attack will demand money or payment before the computer is released from the offending software’s hold.

“Butler County services are currently limited due to a Ransomware attack on our County computer network over the weekend. All offices are open but services requiring the use of a computer such as motor vehicle renewals & driver’s license renewal are not available at this time. The County is working diligently with third party vendors & law enforcement to restore our systems & we ask the public to be patient with staff as we deal with this problem.” the County said in a statement Monday.

While the ransomware has affected the County’s ability to do business, officials do not believe at this time that anyone’s personal information was compromised.

 “It is important to note, we do not believe any public or private information was stolen from the County, but all data is essentially being held hostage/encrypted until monies are paid or the County restores access with the help of our third party vendors. We will post information via social media & through press releases with the media as more information becomes available.”

ElDoradoLeader.Com’s Olivia Haselwood visited the Butler County Courthouse and reported Tuesday morning that several computers were still down as crews investigated the attack and worked to release the infected computers from the software’s hold.

For information on closings or limited available services, individuals may contact departments directly or call the County’s main line at 316-322-4300.



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