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County raising rates on federal inmates housed at jail



EL DORADO – The charge for federal inmates at Butler County Jail just went up. County commissioners approved a new intergovernmental agreement with the U.S. Marshals Service for an increase in inmate housing per day and guard rates.

The new rate will be $68.00 per inmate per day and $22.00 for the hourly guard rate. This is up from the former $60.00 per day rate and $16.86 guard rate. The number of inmates housed will go up as well. Previously the jail reserved 82 beds for Marshals inmates, which includes inmates from the Marshals Service, Immigration Customs Enforcement, and Bureau of Prisons. With the new agreement that number will increase to 90.

The last time the rates were looked at was in 2007. Captain Erik Ramsey said applying for the increase involved a large amount of paperwork and fact gathering and took a better part of a month to complete. The new agreement will last for four years. After that time frame, the county can reopen negotiations for another increase.

Ramsey said typically Marshals inmates are easier to house than those from Kansas Department of Corrections. The increase is to help offset the cost of decreasing inmate counts last year. Ramsey reported to commissioners Tuesday that the jail is still 10 positions short, however, applications are still coming in.



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