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City Council installs new members, fills positions

New Andover City Council Member Mike Warrington is sworn in by Mayor Ben Lawrence. City Council President Clark "CR" Nelson looks on. (PHOTO: City of Andover)



ANDOVER – The Andover City Council was busy Tuesday night taking care of a few housekeeping issues. With the first meeting of 2018, the council installed new members who were given the nod by voter in the last election.

Brian Schwan and Mike Warrington were sworn in as new council members. Both were elected in the municipal races held in November.

The Council unanimously voted to elect longtime member Clark “C.R.” Nelson as the President for this year.

With the changes and the start of the new year, the individual Council members will take on liaison assignments to act as representatives of the city to various community organizations. Those assignments are usually given at the pleasure of Mayor Ben Lawrence.



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