10 Biggest Oscar snubs and surprises of all time 

Oscar is one of the biggest film award shows in the world and everyone have very high expectation from it. Being a big and grand show everyone expects that it would do justice to every movie or to everyone’s hard work.

But does that happen every time? Well, the answer is no. It doesn’t. We are always left in surprise with some of its decisions and most of the time shocked too. It is true that many snubs have taken place every year whenever the show takes place.

We never get to know what actually made them too take that decision. But, we accept it through a heavy-heart. 

We are here with some of the most shocking snubs that made everyone in a major shock at the event. Let’s start.


  • 1941: ‘Citizen Kane’ loses out the Best Picture award to ‘How Green Was My Valley’


The movie Citizen Kane is undoubtedly the greatest movie of all time. It is in everyone’s favorite movies list and is a landmark in film-making. But, everyone was left white-faced when it lost the award for the best picture to John Ford’s How Green Was My Valley. 

There were several arguments and discussions over the decision but the result didn’t changed. 


  • 1954: Judy Garland (‘A Star is Born’) loses Best Actress to Grace Kelly (‘The Country Girl’)


Judy Garland made her comeback with one of the best musicals in the history of cinema i.e. with A Star is Born. She gave a fantastic and heartwarming performance in the movie and was loved by everyone.

10 Biggest Oscar snubs and surprises of all time 
10 Biggest Oscar snubs and surprises of all time

As per everyone’s assumptions she was the one who was ready to get the best actress award at the Oscars. But, it didn’t happen. The award was given to Grace Kelly for her movie The Country Girl. She was definitely a great performer but when we compare her acting to that of Judy it becomes paler. 


  • 1966: Richard Burton (‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’) loses Best Actor in a Leading Role to Paul Scofield (‘A Man for All Seasons’)


Richard Burton is counted in as one of the greatest actors of all the time; he is always in the list. But, we never know why the Oscars were unable to understand the same. He was nominated seven times but was never given the award. The Academy overlooked the marvellous performance of him in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf which was worthy of the Golden award. And, finally the award was given to Paul Scofield. 


  • 1974: Al Pacino (‘The Godfather Part II’) loses Best Actor in a Leading Role to Art Carney (‘Harry and Tonto’)


Al Pacino is the one about whom we can never forget to talk about. He gave his career’s best and effortless performance in his movie The Godfather. He played the role by completely getting inside of it and won millions of hearts. But, somehow the Oscars were unable to see this and again they were mistaken in choosing the right one and the worthy one. The Oscar was given to Art Carney for his movie Harry and Tonto.


  • 1976: ‘Taxi Driver’ loses Best Picture to ‘Rocky’ Martin Scorcese not nominated for Best Directors


Taxi Driver is considered the finest classical movie in the world of cinemas and it changed the whole structure of conventional storytelling. The discovery was appreciated by everyone but not by the Oscars. The best picture award was given to a much lesser picture named Rocky, which was nowhere in the comparison to Taxi Driver.

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