10 Pranks To Try In School!

We all know school is not all about good grades, maths, and world literature. Most of the time, we come because of the fun stuff: friends, after-school hangouts, extracurriculars, and well – pranks! Being in school every day doesn’t have to be so dreadful. It doesn’t need to be repetitive, even though your class schedules are. So spice up your school experience by having fun on the side through the 10 pranks we listed!

But before anything, we need to remind you that education should still be your priority. Don’t let reckless actions define your future. So we suggest that before you do anything on this list, check your school’s rules and make a self-assessment if this is worth doing. But don’t worry, they’re not typically the kinds of pranks that will get you in big trouble. It’s just that all schools are different, and each has a different set of rules. So just make sure your school would permit it (if ever you get caught.)

Now, read on to find the 10 EPIC pranks you can do in school!

1.     Did You Study For The Test?

You know every student’s fear: being fully unprepared for a test! This is perfect for pulling on that grade-conscious classmate (let’s face it, we have at least one in every class.) Come to a difficult class like calculus, history, or any class that needs immense studying – looking tense. You might need a little backup for this so tap another classmate to play the prank with you. Now ask your victim if they’ve studied or the test and watch their face go from calm to panicked! You can keep this prank as long as your teacher hasn’t arrived yet. Wouldn’t it be funny if your victim desperately scans through their notes in hopes of retaining at least one piece of information?

2.   Alarming Lockers Prank

Well, we sure do hate that loud and obnoxious sound first thing in the morning. So just imagine how chaotic it will be if random alarm clocks just start ringing out of nowhere! Start taking alarm clocks as many as you like and set them all at the same time. We suggest you choose a time where people are going to be flocking by the lockers so that your prank won’t flop. Place it inside lockers that you have access to and let the ringings begin!

Do you feel like you can do more? Why not be creative and put them in other hidden places in your school like cupboards, random cabinets, behind the books in the library, etc.! Just make sure there aren’t any hidden cameras in these places so you won’t get in trouble!

3.   Squirting Gift Prank

Got a present for your classmate? Give them a birthday prank by handing them a squirting gift! All you need is a gift box and a bottle of ketchup/any condiment that you like. Just don’t use hot sauce or anything spicy that might hurt their eyes. Now, cut out a small hole below the box enough for your hand/the bottle to pass through. Once the target is onsite, hold it as you care so much for it. Singing the birthday song beforehand won’t hurt, either! After the celebratory theme, open the box for them. As they peer inside, immediately squirt the bottle onto their face! Make sure they have this kind of sense of humor, though! If they do. This would be an epic and genius prank. But if not, this prank will only come off as rude. Yikes!

4.   Prank Call

You don’t necessarily have to do this inside your school premises because this prank is pretty flexible. T If you can manage to hide your phone throughout your class discussion, then good for you! If not, you can try this during the weekend or as soon as the classes are over. This is best to do on teachers or the principal if you have their personal phone numbers. Want to know what they sound like when they’re not in school? Then try making a prank call with the help of Ownage Pranks’ prank call app. All the hassle that comes with a prank call, like getting a new burner phone for the mere trick, the voice acting not to get caught, and what have you – are all resolved by this single prank app. It already has many pre-made prank scripts performed by professional actors. All you need is to listen and have fun hearing the princess reactions of your victim unfold!

5.    Fight Prank

Gather around the hallway during your break time. Make sure there are enough of you to make it a noticeable crowd. Now yell “Fight! Fight! Fight!” or things that insinuate violence like “yeah, beat him up!”. Once you caught a faculty, a school staff, or even the principal’s attention – reveal the middle of the huddle where two people are playing a battle of rock paper or scissors! You can be as creative as you want. Some people yell “Fight! Fight Fight!” to reveal two people playing chess or toy robots in the middle. It’s really up to you what you think is funny. After all, creativity is one of the best traits a good prankster should have!

6.   Rainy Confetti Prank

You’re going to have to sweep the floors after this if you want to be responsible. Then, on a rainy day, sprinkle some confetti on your classmates’ umbrellas that are hanging in the umbrella stand. Better do this when they’re at least a little bit dried up to avoid some confetti pieces sticking on the surface of the umbrella. Wouldn’t it be funny if they come out after class, try to open their umbrella, and poof – everyone gets showered with colorful paper cutouts! Undoubtedly, their umbrella couldn’t protect them enough for this shower of color!

7.    Lucky Coin Prank

Everyone thinks it’s their lucky day when they pick up a random penny on the floor. It could be true unless that coin is glued to the floor! Try gluing a penny to a hallway when no one is looking and just observe how many people will try to pick it up. Honestly, the only lucky one in this scenario – is you!

Feeling more extra? Crumple a fake bill and tie it to a transparent string. When someone tries to pick it up, swiftly pull the thread away from them and see how they will respond to this. It feels terrible to fool people into having free money, but you know it’s funny as hell!

8.   Invisible Person Prank

When you are tasked to present a report and or you are going to pass your classmates some handouts, make sure to leave one copy to a vacant seat as if someone actually sits there. You will need some acting skills to convince people you are seeing things. Try glancing in that direction or calling them as if they are asking you a question. It will indeed cause some goosebumps in some of your classmates!

9.   Clapping On Cue Prank

Does your teacher have a favorite word that you think they mindlessly say already? Gather your classmates to make this an effective one. Then, agree to clap as a class every time they say THAT word. If your teacher gets pissed, just tell your teacher that you are trying to be more attentive as a class because you want to focus enough on what they have to say – and voila, you’re off the hook that easily!

10.                      Changing Seats Prank

This is one of the easiest ways you can do as a class because all you need is cooperation and flawless and soundless timing. We suggest you do this gradually every time your teacher is writing something on the board. Don’t all switch seats at once because they would notice that! The key here is the slow burn of confusion in their faces. Try not to giggle or make unnecessary gestures because it might blow your cover. Though we understand that that could be tough. But you need to focus as a class, it will be worth it!

And these are the 10 pranks that you can do in school. It’s not bad at all to have fun while prioritizing your studies. Life should always have a good balance! Just don’t overdo it like this High Schooler who faked his kidnapping as a prank.


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