10 Unbelievable Facts Around The World

Our world is undoubtedly the most interesting, curiosity-provoking miracle ever happened in this universe (that we know of).

There are GAZALLIONS of events, species, regions, and probably even catastrophes we are not aware of. But for the things we know from this earth comprising 200 countries and more than 7.5 billion people, we are here sharing some of them with you. These are not enough to quench our thirst for knowledge but they are something.

The World’s Quietest Room is At Microsoft’s Headquarters, Washington State

This lab room is located in Redmond, Washington, and measures a background noise of -20.35 dBA, which is 20 decibels below the threshold of human hearing. It has broken previous records of the planet’s quietest places.

“Most people find the absence of sound deafening, feel a sense of fullness in the ears, or some ringing. Very faint sounds become clearly audible because the ambient noise is exceptionally low.

When you turn your head, you can hear that motion. You can hear yourself breathing and it sounds somewhat loud,” said Hundraj Gopal, a speech and hearing scientist and principal designer of the anechoic chamber at Microsoft.

North Korea And Cuba Do Not Sell Coca-Cola

This beverage is almost available everywhere in the world except for North Korea and Cuba. The reason being conflicting trade relations with the U.S. However, some Cubans and North Koreans do enjoy its taste one way or the other, perhaps taking advantage of illegal imports from a neighboring country is one of the means for them. We never know.

Japan Is The World’s Most Earthquake-Prone Country

10 Unbelievable Facts Around The World
10 Unbelievable Facts Around The World

Earthquakes are experienced in many countries in the world including China, Iran, Turkey. However, a survey by U.S. Geological claims that Japan is the most vulnerable to earthquakes.

These can range from mild tremors to severe ground-shaking capable of inducing heave destruction. Besides, the country has efficient and advanced measures to deal with this inevitable natural disaster to a great extent.

Earth Has 4 Quadrillion Quadrillion Individual Bacteria 

Even though they look disgusting, some bacteria are bad and some are good for us but either way, they continue to exist like us. Also, do you know how many bacteria are living on your face right now? And no, washing it does not help.

Only Two Countries Have Purple In Their National Flags

The flag of Dominica boasts a picture of a sister parrot, a bird with purple feathers and the flag of Nicaragua features a rainbow in the center that includes a band of purple. These elements make them the only two flags in the world that have purple in them.

90% Of Rural Population Lives In Asia And Africa

Especially in India located in Asia, Reuters claims that approximately 893 million people live outside of the city. China also has an impressively large rural population, with 578 million living outside of major centers. 

South Sudan Is The Youngest Country In The World

This country is located in North Africa and gained its independence from Sudan in 2011. 

All giant pandas in zoos around the world are on loan from China.

The pandas living in zoos other than China are sadly just visiting you. They technically belong to the government of China. 

9% of World Forests Are In Canada

396.9-million hectares of forests! that is a lot for a country to have but Canada never misses to fascinate us. 

Mandarin Chinese is the World’s Most Spoken Language

China has the world’s largest population followed by India. This gives China an edge for having the most spoken language. Approximately, this language has 950 million native speakers and an additional 200 million people speak Mandarin Chinese as a second language. It is the most popular.

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