YOU Season 3 Release Updates

Season 1 released in 2018 was greatly treasured by the thrill lovers. Shocking twists amplified in season 2 came out in 2019. 

Fans are now desperately waiting for season 3. 

Stories that the most wanted killer Joe will be back for season 3 with some unrevealed mysteries. Love’s pregnancy is also full of suspense which is assumed to be revealed in this season. 

Here’s everything related to the upcoming season 3. 

The first two seasons produced by Berlanti and Gamble are based on two books You and Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. During the last season, Joe moved to Los Angeles to hide his past with a completely new identity. Joe last relationship ended with murder and in this new city, he again begins his love story with a woman named Love Quinn.

Release date and Renewal update

Netflix has renewed this season officially and changed the release date due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It was all set to release You season 3 in December 2020 but later renewed the release at some point in 2021. Netflix announced that this season will also consist of 10 episodes. 

The production started from January 2020 for season 3 and will continue after the Coronavirus Pandemic. It has been revealed that co-creators of the series Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti will return as executive producers. Plot

The Deadline report says Netflix has been awarded a tax credit from the State of California to continue the season 3 production. This news will surely make fans happy.

 From a recent Entertainment Tonight, Interview Penn Badgley says about Love that she is not the same kind of person in this season. It is also expected that the upcoming storyline will mostly deal with the wrongdoing of Love’s dark side and also about her amazing pregnancy. 

The upcoming season hints that Joe and Love will surely come together. It will be not easy for them to escape two murders they did thus we can predict some more thrill in the upcoming season. We can also predict, a love story in season 3 between Joe and Love. 

Hence, we can say the season finale is going to be a great combination of love and thrill.


Main characters Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn and Penn Badgley as Joe would without any doubt reprise their roles in season 3. We have lost two characters, James Scully, as Forty Quinn and Carmela Zumbado as Delilah in the last season. Many characters from the last season are still alive and likely to come back such as Saffron Burrows as Love’s mom, Michael Reilly Burke as Love’s dad, Charlie Barnett as Gabe, Melanie Field as Sunrise, Marile Scott as Lucy, Ellie and Robin Lord Taylor as Will Bettelheim can also be seen in season 3.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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