14 Coronavirus positive tests after limited set in Texas, 1 die.

In a brief June meeting held by an individual who claims he considered the coronavirus to be a falsification, 14 representatives of equitable families in Texas screened for coronavirus positively. Another is gone, while another is helped by life.

A post, called “A harsh lesson in the truth of COVID-19,” published by Tony Green who resides and organized the case at Dallas, at which he claimed he was the ex-COVID-19 denier. 

“I confess in 2016 I voted for Donald Trump. I agree to head far into the COVID-19 bubble pit,” Green said.

Green added: “In great haste, I started prognosticating the alphabet soup about this ‘academic.’ I believed the virus to be a hoax. I believed the mainstream media and therefore the Democrats were using it to make panic, crash the economy and destroy Trump’s chances at re-election.”

14 Coronavirus positive tests after limited set in Texas, 1 die.
14 Coronavirus positive tests after limited set in Texas, 1 die.

Green said he and his wife held a party for his or her parents on 13 June, following months of social distancing. He claimed he found his partner’s relatives to be his in-laws, but was not related to him, and was almost nine years old.

He and his partner didn’t wear masks at the gathering, nor did their parents.

“We just felt the worst was behind the country because everything was easy, things were reopening, and none folks were experiencing any symptoms,” Green said.

The next day, Green said, he awakened feeling sick. By June 15, his partner and fogeys, all of whose names he declined to supply, were all sick.

Green, 43, told NBC News during a telephone interview Monday he wrote about the incident during a GoFundMe and initiated the initiative to pay medical bills for his partners’ father Rafael Ceja.

Green said his partner’s parents traveled from their home in Dallas to Austin on June 15, for the birth of their first grandchild. Ceja’s mother and one among his partner sisters also joined them for the visit.

“That night in Austin, my father-in-law became ill,” Green said.

Then his mother-in-law and sister-in-law began feeling ill. Although his wife’s parents and his sister-in-law quickly left Austin, the oldsters of the newborn also got sick and tested positive for the coronavirus, Green said.

The newborn spared, he said.

His mother’s dad-in-law was sick between 17 and 23 June.

“Nobody should have planned for the agony and suffering that we needed to come,” said Green on GoFundMe.

Green said that he and his dad were both admitted to Midsummer Day hospital.

Green claimed that he had suffered a stroke, he damaged his central nervous system. He was at the hospital for a few days. His father-in-law ‘s mother was taken to a similar hospital as his son sometime late in June.

Green said she died in a room near her son of the COVID-19 and pneumonia on July 2. Ceja had not realized that his mother was next to him in a bed.

Later that day, Ceja learned his mother had given up the ghost with none family by her side. “Not only would Rafael miss her funeral, but he also didn’t even get to mention goodbye or see her one last time,” Green wrote on GoFundMe.

Green said his mother-in-law, Marisa, called him “crying and screaming in terror” July 12 to tell him Ceja was on life support.

Two days later, a funeral held for Ceja’s mother. Only 10 family members could attend.

Narrowing the guest count was made possible with the continuing bad news: Two of Ceja’s sisters, one among his nephews and a brother-in-law had all contracted the virus bringing the total number of infected relations to 14, Green said.

Twelve relations have either recovered or are in various stages of recovery, Green said Monday.

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