15 best movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video

Everyone is at home streaming online. You have definitely come across several movies on Amazon Prime Video and by chance might have left out the real gems. We are here with the best 15 movies available at Amazon Prime Video that are worth your time.

  • The Big Sick:

Based on the real-life of the co-writer of the movie Kumail Nanjiani. The Big Sick is a romance genre, where Kumail Nanjiani has a few promising dates with his real-life romance partner Emily V. Gordon.

But, after some time he falls seriously ill and was goes in a coma. While he gets to know about his worries family at the hospital, his own Pakistani family dates for him with other women. It is a cultural comedy setup, but also a heartfelt story at the same time.

  • You Were Never Really Here:

A movie basically a thriller that stars Joaquin Phoenix. Who doesn’t know him? The movie is a psychological thriller and is stark, brutal, and mercifully straight to the point. The story is about a hitman who’s hired to rescue a politician’s daughter from a human trafficking network. You can easily take it as more than an average thriller with Joaquin Phoenix giving his best performance. 

  • Brittany Runs a Marathon:

An interesting comedy that would make you realize the close to home focusing on the things we are all obsessed with like food, body image, and exercise. Brittany runs a marathon and the role is played by the superb Jillian Bell, who receives strong advice from her doctor to lose weight and cut the hard-partying lifestyle. She starts changing her lifestyle accordingly; you can definitely watch it as your coach to bring yourself out for a jog.

  • Suspiria:

The horror movie featuring Tilda Swinton who is a majestic lead teacher, who mentors young ingénue, Dakota Johnson. The new body horror is brought by the flexible dancers, the movie is of two and a half hours but the disturbing visuals of the witchcraft will make you stick around it.

  • The Lost City of Z:

The movie is based upon the real-life adventure of Percy Fawcett who gets through the Amazon Rainforest in the search of an ancient lost city. The movie casting includes Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, and Tom Holland. It will definitely give some new enhancement to your physiological layers.

  • Manchester by the Sea:

Amazon’s first big, prestigious movie to wallop you with, you would see a broken man who suffers terrible losses and becomes the guardian of his teenage nephew. The story by Lee Chandler’s story will hit you hard with its emotional punches and the amazing performance of Michelle Williams; will make you swell with emotions.

  • The Handmaiden:

15 best movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video
15 best movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video

The exquisite twists that the South Korean movie takes will make you forget all the good things that you might have heard about the movie. A psychological thriller has some explicit scenes therefore you should avoid it watching with your family. 

  • Paterson:

The low-key of the finer details of regular life is portrayed with a distinct sense of humor. Paterson the protagonist of the story offers you with the personal setbacks and the new paths weaved around the normal or regular life.

  • Late Night:

Starring Mindy Kaling, Late Night follows an acclaimed news show host whose ratings are on the decline. Will offer you a late-night lively comedy.

  • Cold War:

A historical drama set in the World War two era following lovers with different backgrounds and temperaments. Featuring the characters Zula and Wiktor, who are completely different from one another.  A passionate, sumptuous love story.

  • The Vast of Night:

A sci-fi flick from a debut director Andrew Patterson that plays with narratives in clever ways. The setting of the movie in the 1950s distinct New Mexico makes it great and the monologues with smooth intonations of those on radio all build an eerie atmosphere with a satisfying payoff.

  • Honey Boy:

An autobiographical movie about a child actor and his relationship with his father. W follows Otis, who is traumatized after days on set accompanied by his father, a former rodeo clown. LaBeouf actually plays the character inspired by his father, giving Honey Boy even more psychological layers. 

  • I Am Not Your Negro:

A documentary narrated by Samuel L. Jackson and inspired by a collection of notes and letters written by American writer and activist James Baldwin in the mid-70s. I am not your Negro spotlights through Baldwin’s observations of the painful struggle for civil rights.

  • One Child Nation:

One Child Nation gives you an illuminating look at China’s one-child policy, which lasted from 1979 to 2015. The directors explore the after-effects of the policy that became a normal part of life for all the Chinese people. 

  • Blow the Man Down:

The black comedy thriller in which the Coen brothers meet Wes Anderson. The show is stirred by two female leads. Set in a snowy fishing town in Maine. The story of the movie revolves around the sisters who try to hide the body of a man after he attacked one of them and was dead. 

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