2 Adults And 3 Kids, Are Found Dead, In Murder-Suicide

After 8 a.m on Wednesday morning, the Police discovered the shocking scene at a home in Elyria, about 30 miles southwest of Cleveland. Officers responded to call and head to the home for a welfare check, they found the dead bodies of five family members and the family dog.

A neighbor named Renetta Hubbard said that she heard sounds like fireworks at around 5:20 p.m on Tuesday night coming from near the home.

Hubbard said a coworker of the man showed up on Wednesday and asked if they had seen anything happen at the house. And after receiving a negative answer, he called the police.

Hubbard said that she is shocked by what happened as she had been living for almost 28 years there.

2 Adults And 3 Kids, Are Found Dead, In Murder-Suicide
2 Adults And 3 Kids Are Found Dead, In Murder-Suicide

Another neighbor named Linda Bristow said that she heard gunshots and screaming of the children. Linda Bristow said to the police that after hearing the news of the shooting to her neighborhood, she now understood the sounds coming from the house like fireworks.

Multiple media outlets have reported that the incident appears to be a ‘murder-suicide’. The police are still investigating the incident spot to find the culprit. The police have not released the names of the deceased family members yet and have not been made it public yet due to the ongoing investigation.