2 former DCFS employees charged with child endangerment in case of murder of AJ Freund.

Everyone is aware of the case of AJ Freud.  He was murdered. His parents were charged with same. His mother was initially charged in the case. She later pleaded guilty in the court. She is currently serving a jail term of 35 years in the jail. Now, a latest development in the case has been observed.

2 persons who have been overseeing the case has been charged too. Allegedly, they didn’t investigate the case clearly and left many stones unturned. It’s not clear whether they have an attorney. They couldn’t be reached for a comment.

Tye attorney who represents the state in this case said ij his statement that “These arrests have been a long time coming and serve to reinforce our claims about the need to hold not only these individuals accountable but also highlight the need for changes in the agency itself. We all heard the tapes and saw the pictures and videos. We know AJ’s death was entirely preventable. These two DCFS employees who were supposed to help him ignored every red flag even ignoring reports of abuse from the local police, medical professionals, and AJ’s neighbors.

“Our ongoing lawsuit continues, as we work to hold them accountable for their reckless and apathetic disregard for AJ and other children within the DCFS system.” For more such latest news stay tuned with us.

Vinayaka Dalmia
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