2 former employees of the DCFS aere arrested in the A.J.Fruend case.

It has been a year or more when a A.J.Fruend, age 5, has been found dead and in connection to the case two of the employee of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services were arrested.

In April 2019, his body was found wrapped in the plastic as well as buried in a shallow grave. His body was found very next day when his parents JoAnn Cunningham and  Andrew Freund Sr. Lodged a missing report.

Both the duo were charged with his murder. Child’s father is still awaiting trial while mother is sentenced to 35 years prison.

On Thursday, the former employees of DCFS, 54-years-old Carlos Acosta, as well as 48-years-old Andrew Polovin were arrested and taken to McHenry County Sheriff’s Department. They were charged with two counts of endangering child’s life along with one count of reckless conduct, says the CBS Chicago. The did not enter any plea yet.

They are facing charges because they failed to investigate Fruend’s getting abused by his parents. According to the CNN, both of them were liable for $20,000 bond.

A Chicago Democrat, Sara Feigenholtz told to the Associated press that, “I got the sense from what I read that the cops were essentially begging [DCFS] to take the child.” She further added, “There were so many calls made, so many signs of trouble and still nothing was done.”

After Acosta got arrested all the members of McHenry County Board committee voted for his resignation through Change.org petition. The petition stated, “Carlos Acosta failed AJ, failed AJ’s family, failed the police, failed the doctor, failed our community, failed the residents of McHenry County, failed DCFS, failed the taxpayers of Illinois.” The petition further continued, “We, as tax paying citizens of McHenry County, do not want him representing us. We sign this petition demanding his immediate resignation/removal from the McHenry County Board.”

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