3 Teens jumped Mar-a-Lago wall with loaded AK-47, arrested

Three teens were seen scaling a wall at President Tump’s Mar-a-Lago resort and were arrested as they were carrying a loaded AK-47 in a backpack.

According to the police, the teens did not break into or enter any buildings as they were immediately apprehended after entering the grounds of Mar-a-Lago shortly.

According to Palm Beach Police Department spokesman, Michael Ogrodnick, the teens had no idea at all where they were. Ogordnick further added that the President and his family were not at the club when this incident took place as it is closed now for the summer, according to the reports by Fox News.

The teens were spotted in a silver Hyundai, with its daytime running lights on, by the police around midnight on Friday, July 31, according to the police report that has been obtained by Fox News. The driver immediately took off toward Mar-a-Lago when the officers began approaching the vehicle.

3 Teens jumped Mar-a-Lago wall with loaded AK-47, arrested
3 Teens jumped Mar-a-Lago wall with loaded AK-47, arrested

Later, the teens encountered another officer as the vehicle was approaching the club wherein the officer was conducting an unrelated traffic stop.

The police officer abruptly stopped the car but in order to evade the police, the teens took the step of ditching the vehicle and climbed over a wall into Mar-a-Lago.

Shortly, Mar-a-Lago security made a search and advised a few things on the seawall on the southwest corner of the property that included a backpack and car keys. A search of Mar-a-Lago was conducted by the police with the help of a helicopter and a police dog. 

They soon found the three teens who were at the time hiding on the grounds and were immediately arrested. Later, a search was conducted of the recovered backpack which contained a Mini Draco 7.62 Caliber AK-47 loaded with a 14 round magazine.

The backpack also contained car keys to the vehicle. Moreover, while talking about the AK-47, the teens said that they had ‘found’ it.

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