30 Interesting Political Science Research Topics


Students linked to studying political science know how hard it is to come up with the right topic. It is especially visible when professors ban all the trite topics, and you have to work on something very original. This is where the first hurdles appear, and you think of turning to professional writing services. It is a working strategy; however, you may give yourself a try. Read this guide covering the top 30 interesting political science research topics alongside tips on writing.

Picking the Right Political Science Topic

First off, political science is a subject that focuses on practice/theory of government and politics taking all – local, state, national as well as international levels. The science is very broad, and the choice of topics is truly crazy-wide. On some occasions, professors alone assign students to one particular theme or direction. It is half of the success. If you are given complete freedom, start with the following:

  • Think of a topic related to the currently studied material or course that interests you. It can be your favorite themes such as the psychology of politics, or the role of mass media for government;
  • Think of a theme that might be powered with enough material for research. In simple terms, it is a topic where you can find much evidence, facts, and backup. It could be extensively researched by other experts among others;
  • Pick one theme, and try to find its branches. For example, refer to the role of mass media for the government. You can divide it into social media influencers, television effect, and so on;
  • Refer to professional essay writing help for samples. Lots of paper writing services share online samples of their work, and you may occasionally find one for political science.

For your convenience, you can use one of the below-mentioned topics for your research paper:

  1. The role of democracy in the USA;
  2. Why is politics notorious for being too immoral?
  3. Discrimination in politics and governmental authorities;
  4. PR in politics;
  5. What stands behind all the recent revolutions toward the government?
  6. The benefits of communism – can it be successful in 2021?
  7. A perfect government – utopia or extra efforts only?
  8. Global poverty and enriching politics;
  9. Collaborations of leading corporations and governments;
  10. Syrian/Iraq conflicts;
  11. The ethical side of politics;
  12. Morals and politics;
  13. Rational choice theory;
  14. Why are exit polls always controversial against official election results?
  15. Cultural pluralism;
  16. Worldwide governmental practices that help countries blossom;
  17. Politics tools to promote peace not war;
  18. Who is an ideal politician?
  19. What skills should a dedicated governmental worker have?
  20. Politics and COVID-19;
  21. Mexican and US conflicts;
  22. Cuba and US – governmental thaw period;
  23. How do celebrities affect governmental campaigns?
  24. Globalization movements in 2021;
  25. Race and ethnicity in American politics;
  26. Parliamentary and presidential systems – which one is more effective?
  27. Karl Max’s Marxism influence on the politics;
  28. How do unemployed youth affect the elections?
  29. The philosophy behind Nationalism;
  30. Liberalism and its key benefits. 

You can pick any, or again take one and divide it into other branches. By choosing What skills should a dedicated governmental worker have? – you can take one renowned persona such as president, and cover the key skills he/she possesses and which ones managed to help them achieve the country’s blossoming. 

How to Approach Your Political Science Research Paper?

The first thing to approach the research paper, when you have already picked a topic, is to develop a research design. To do it smoothly, you have to prepare an outline or simply a list of questions. Some of them are the next:

  • What evidence or studying materials can be used for researching my topic?
  • Which people or figures can be involved to make my research interesting?
  • What life events can be used for a backup of my arguments?
  • Where can I get all the necessary data?

Then, you should think about a thesis. Upon answering the above-mentioned and other questions, and when you can answer  – what do you research? You can form a thesis. It is basically an argument that draws the professors’ attention. In simple terms, you convince one that your research is worthy. 

After that, you have to come up with approximate citations for your paper, taking all data you are going to use. Everything you borrow should have references alongside a bibliography. Since it is a political science paper, you should use only the American Political Science Review citation style.

Do care about plagiarism when you refer to other sources. For instance, the University of Vermont has a designated Committee on Academic Honesty where all plagiarized papers are reported to. 

Do stick to the following tips:

  • All your references to the involved in the research paper people should come with a footnote or parenthetical reference. It means that your interview should feature the date and place.
  • Research essays should avoid quotes in the thesis. Many educational establishments inform students about the necessity of reflecting only their own thinking based on their researched evidence and data. 
  • You should use varied sources. Relying only on Internet pages is not enough. Beyond that, not all Internet sources can be considered credible. For instance, Wikipedia is no longer something used for citations. Think of scholarly, journalistic materials linked to political science. 
  • If you cannot back up a quote or a piece of interview with a footnote, you should avoid it. 

Finally, when you are done with research, the crucial part is to proofread and edit your paper. Submitting papers without checking them on grammar, spelling mistakes with at least one online editor might result in a poor grade.

If you still struggle to derive inspiration for your college paper, buy a research paper or request some help online from professional academic writing services. You may ask for samples, or receive assistance with topics that might impress your professor and award you with the best grade. Note, essay service should stand for privacy, and affordability only, so do not be shy to ask for guarantees when ordering your paper.


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