365 Days have incredibly occupied the top ranking on Netflix’s top10 movies list

Two latest new movies on Netflix that includes a vibrant children’s movie The Nut Job and a Polish film 365 Days battling to get the top position. At present, 365 Days hold the top position, while The Nut Job stands at a second position on the Top 10 watched list.

On June 10, 365 Days surprisingly took over no.1 spot in the Netflix’s top 10 movies list. But the movie was replaced just after 4 days with Da 5 Blood. Later on June 17, 365 Days regained its 1st spot back. Yet again, the movie lost its 1st spot to The Nutcracker and got it right back today.

365 Days now holds the title for not only for regaining its first position back but for doing so twice. And therefore we can conclude from this that the extensive fan following surrounding the series is not going to die too soon and easily.

365 Days have incredibly occupied the top ranking on Netflix’s top10 movies list
365 Days have incredibly occupied the top ranking on Netflix’s top10 movies list

As we examine Netflix’s top 10 list, we have noticed that a lot of movies have spent several days at no.1 spot. But to confirm only 5 have spent at top position seven days in a row and those include—Uncut Gems, The Wrong Missy, Spenser Confidential, The Angry Birds Movie 2, and the latest 365 Days.

But 365 Days is not the only Netflix movie to jump on and off the top spot. If we consider the total number of days the 365 Days has spent on the top list, but if we compare there is another movie to reach that success, and that movie is Spenser Confidential with an 18-day strike in a row.

If the case is similar here, then we can possibly presume 365 Days to not only hold the 1st spot in the top list but it may also rank in the All-Time Netflix’s top 10 ranking list. According to the Forbes numerical system of the top 10 rankings, 356 Days have become the 8th most-streamed movie on Netflix.

And based on how the movie is performing at present, we assume that the movie will replace and take the position of The Wrong Missy in just a couple of days and that position would be number 4, according to the Forbes numerical system.

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