4 Strategies For Selling College Textbooks

If you’re planning on selling your college textbooks, remember this tip: don’t sell your books back to your campus bookstore. Speaking from experience, you’ll get the least amount of money from your campus’ bookshop, even if your books are brand new. 

Yes. We know how selling your books at your campus bookshop is convenient. But if you plan on making a profit, you should look for other options. 

Regardless, there are effective strategies you can use to sell your college textbooks. Use this guide to sell your books and get a fair amount of your money back. 

Let’s begin. 

Do Your Research 

Before you proceed with selling your books, make sure you do your due diligence before you sell your books. And it doesn’t matter if you decide to sell your textbooks at your campus bookstore. 

Doing your research is particularly necessary if you plan on making bookselling a side business. And that’s because you’ll need to know: 

  • Where to get books regularly, 
  • The type of books to sell, 
  • When to sell the books, 
  • Sites these books on, etc. 

We recommend that you check out buyback sites like BookDeal.com, Chegg, Bookscouter, and other similar sites. Then, compare the prices these websites offer before you sell your textbooks. 

Remember, some particular sites focus on college textbooks like BookDeal.com. So there’s a high chance you’ll get a good deal. 

Keep Your Textbooks In Good Condition 

Whether your textbooks are new or used, you have to keep them in good condition. That will increase your book’s value, therefore a higher price. It can be tempting to write in, highlight, or fold your book’s pages. 

However, if you plan to sell your books at the end of the semester, you have to resist the temptation. Now, some bookselling sites allow some highlights and write-ins, so it’s essential to check the site’s book condition requirements before selling them. 

But it’s better to leave the books as you bought them – brand new. If it’s an already used book, maintain its current condition until you sell them. You can use sticky notes in place of highlighting. 

Don’t Wait Too Long To Sell Your Books. 

The sooner you sell your textbooks, the better. Most often, the amount you get paid for your books depends on when you put them on sale. Unfortunately, most students buy their books when the semester begins. So it’s certainly not the best time to sell your books at the end of the semester. 

Don’t wait for years after college before you sell your old textbooks. Usually, buyback sites buy books up to a few years after the original purchase. But it depends if the book is still in use. 

Regardless, if you want to get the best deal, don’t wait for a long time, especially for courses that change reading materials often. 

Sell Your Books Directly To Students 

Some students in your college will need the same textbooks you used in the previous semester. You can seize that opportunity and sell it to them directly. This method gets you higher profits because you cut out the middleman. 

However, it can be challenging to get a buyer. The way around this is to be strategic in your approach. For example, you can use Facebook Marketplace or other social platforms used in your school. 

Another challenge is that some students have a limited budget, so they may want to pay you less than what you quoted. Furthermore, some students may not finish their course, and they may need their money back. 

Sometimes, it can lead to confrontation, which can affect your reputation. So you need to know how to go about it when such a situation ever happens. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, it’s possible to sell your textbooks and make a reasonable income out of them. Use this guide as a step in the right direction. But if you decide to make bookselling a side business, you need to develop new ways of making your sales. 

No doubt, selling your books online is the best way. But you can also organize a garage sale, open a small shop, sell your books at local bookstores, etc. Be creative in your approach to selling your used books, and you’ll make a significant income. 


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