5 Crucial Tips for ARK: Survival Evolved Beginners


Ark Survival evolved is a 2017 action-adventure survival game that will test your survival instinct to the limit. The players’ objective is to survive on an island filled with roaming dinosaurs, other animals, natural hazards, and other enemy players. Studio Wildcard developed this Game. 

To effectively survive in these challenging conditions, you can use some Ark cheats from https://battlelog.co/ark-survival-evolved-hacks-cheats/ to get an edge over other players. If you want to don’t break the ethics of the Game, then you will require some crucial tips that will guide you to survive in the Game. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Die in the Game

This is the most critical aspect of the Game, where you must not be afraid to die rather than be prepared to die. Survival is the Game’s main objective, where you will be facing challenges from the head start. You will encounter quite a few challenges initially as you will be a beginner of the Game, and you will have to increase your level to get more facilities. You can also save your progress by sleeping on the beds, and you must make and keep beds on various parts of the island to immediately save the progress. 

Build a Home

Building a home is an essential aspect of the whole survival scheme as you will need to gain strength, rest, and store items at your home once you level up. South zone 3 is an ideal spot for building a comfortable and cozy home. Before making a home, you should also know the right spots and places for building a home. You will find a cliff in South zone 3 and this cliff is overlooking the shore. Once you are on the cliff, you will remain away from dinosaurs and other animals by this way. 

Punch Everything

If you want to survive for a long time without dying in Ark survival, then one of the best ways to do it is to punch and explore everything. Punching and exploring everything will allow you to get bonuses and rare items. You can also use these items for making high-quality gear for yourself. You will make valuable tools and items such as a pickaxe, hammer, and other tools with the help of the resources you have gathered. 

Pick on Dodo Birds

Initially, when grinding your levels, you can easily pick on the smaller animals and birds on the island, such as the Dodo bird. It will be difficult to kill a Dodo bridge without any weapon, but you can easily kill them once you have other types of weapons. Dodo birds in the Game are a useful source of food and resources. In the Game, Dodo birds are easy to kill and defenseless, and they will also give you decent enough resources. 

Get a Trike

If you have built yourself in South zone 3, you will run into many Triceratops. These dinosaurs are easy to tame and quite useful. You can ride on them to travel from one place to another quickly. You can also use them to knock down bigger trees and bushes with their horns. Trikes are also capable of fighting smaller predatory animals on their own. So you can also use them to protect yourself from difficult situations. 

Some Additional Points

Try To Tame

Taming is an important part of the Game if you want to survive in the longer run. You can start small by taming herbivores, moving on to smaller carnivores, and finally taking on the bigger dinosaurs. You can move up this ladder by gradually upgrading your weapons and gear. 

Stay out of the water

Water is a dangerous place in Ark survival; you can live peacefully along the shoreline but not in water. The shoreline in Ark survival is a safe place to live as you have an abundant supply of water and resources nearby. The bigger threats also tend to live near the center of the island. The water consists of a lot of predators such as sharks, piranhas, and so on. As you are in the water, your movement will also be slower, due to which you will not be able to escape these predators easily. 

Monitor Yourself

You should also constantly keep a check on your health and stamina levels. If your health is dropping, then you probably need to rest or have some food. To prevent a situation where your health drops to zero, you should always carry some food and water with you. Other factors also affect your health in the Game, such as your oxygen levels and the amount of load you carry. 


Ark Survival is a very tough game that will make you want to survive for pretty longer durations, and you will enjoy this game once you get the hang of this Game. The above-mentioned essential tips for survival in this Game will surely ease out the entire initial stages of the Game if you are a beginner. 


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