5 Tech Tools to help you access the Dark Web safely


    The Internet can take you far from the real-world. However, the Dark Web is one of the most spine-chilling virtual locations on the world wide web that can leave you shocked. Out of curiosity, internet users try to access the Dark Web, but the “Danger” element stops them from doing so. For example, recently in 2019, Dark Web had been acknowledged for striking out 25 million records. Not only this, but it can also be dangerous for individual users at an intimate level due to the presence of drug dealers, pornography content, threatful communications, etc.

    So, in the event that you are not aware of what the dark web is all about, let’s dive into a brief description of the Dark Web, what is it widely used for,  and how can you access the Dark Web safely.

    What is the Dark Web?

    To begin with, the Dark Web is an underground network that does not exist on the World Wide Web. Or, if it does, it isn’t accessible that easily. For the most part, the Dark web places a few barriers before allowing a user to dive in. For example, you may require particular software, configuration, or authorization to ingress.

    Even after you get access to the Dark Web, it is quite challenging to comprehend where to start? In the past few years, the Dark Web has become the spotlight for criminal activities, including the most vicious cyber crimes. From phishing content to the data breach, human trafficking, child pornography, illegal drug supply – the list is unending. Thus, revealing your identity on the Dark Web can be immensely dangerous. The reason being, you can be a victim of crimes that you unthought of.

    What’s the best way to access the dark web safely? In the event that you still desire to explore the world of the Dark Web, this will be the first question to pop-up in your mind. Well! The step shall be – access the dark web anonymously. Here are the five tech tools that help you access the dark web anonymously.

    5 Tech Tools to help you access the Dark Web safely

    Tor Browser

    Whether you plan to visit the dark web to inspect your private data or other services, it is best to use TOR Browser in place of major browsers like Google Chrome or Safari. It is a dark web browser. Thus, you don’t need to face challenges while finding what you are looking for. It is crucial to mention that TOR Browser allows you to access the dark web anonymously. Thus, it holds less risk when it comes to harming personal data in your system or transfer malware or ransomware.

    VPN(Virtual Private Network)

    To begin with, accessing the dark web for illegal purposes can build up some real-life lawful scenarios for you. Thus, it is recommendable to use a VPN for accessing the dark web with legal purposes in mind.

    By using a VPN, you can ensure that no one on the dark web can access your IP Address or locate you in the real world. VPN creates a safeguard for your activity online. It shells your data and prevents hackers from accessing your private information and further misuse it to threaten you on the dark web.


    Tails is a very distinctive and modern form of the independent operating system. Yes! Accessing the dark web on your Windows PC or iOS Mac is akin to putting your entire system at risk. Tails is simply a game-changer. It creates a network that remains 100% disconnected from your personal PC’s operating system. It blocks out any strange, open-source, or identified connections. Thus, it allows the user to preserve his/her privacy.


    The dark web is not simply about accessing illegal content. However, very merely, users access the dark web for legal services such as subscribing to premium blogs or news websites. In this case, one may have to pay for the other party. But, is it safe to put on credit card details and banking information on the dark web? The answer is – NO.

    To do so, it is recommendable to pay in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. You can also use third-party trustable sites like unstoppable money for making transactions anonymously.

    Antivirus Software

    On the dark web, users’ first priority should be protecting themselves from illegal dealers, abusers, and criminals. The second priority should be protecting their system from internal damage. When you access the dark web, the risk of malware, virus, and ransomware transfer double up because of unlimited phishing websites.

    Indeed, where search engines like Chrome have one phishing website in 100. The culture of the Dark Web is distinctive. You may come across one genuine website among 100(s). Thus, accessing the dark web in the absence of Antivirus software would be like taking a bullet in the head.


    All the five tech tools are given in this reading work combined to protect users against the darkest conclusions of the dark web. So, are you thrilled by some action over the dark web? Look into the tips mentioned above and access the Dark Web like an unstoppable cyber-warrior!


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