7 Ways to Get Your Children to Do Their Homework

    7 Ways to Get Your Children to Do Their Ho7 Ways to Get Your Children to Do Their Homeworkmework
    7 Ways to Get Your Children to Do Their Homework

    Getting children complete their homework is not a thing you can do without any struggle. Children think that everything is important to them other than homework. The to-do list is never-ending which includes online gaming, watching TV, hanging out with friends, social media, and playing sports.

    Best service paper prepared a few simple steps to get your children to complete their homework without any complaint from them and no nagging.

    1. Their Homework, Not Yours:

    A mistake many parents make is they care about their children’s homework more than that the children do. It shifts the responsibility of children to their parents.

    It should not happen in any case. You need to get your children to understand that doing homework is their responsibility and they have to fulfill it rather than waiting for someone else to do it for them.

    Yes, you need to help and guide them while they are doing homework. It is all about ensuring to own the responsibility.

    2. No need to force them to do Homework:

    You may question that if you don’t force your children to do their homework they will not do it at all. Yes, you are right but if you follow the tips in this article, you won’t need to force your children for homework.

    There is a chance of rebellion if rules are put in place without a relationship. It is true, if you force and implement rules for children to do homework without nurturing relationships, your child-parent relationship may suffer.

    Using power will make your children defy you sooner or later so better to avoid any threats or intimidation.

    3. Have a Discussion with your children on Expectations and Consequences:

    At the start of every semester or term, discuss this with your children in detail. Keep in mind rather than letting them know your expectations only, give them a sense of ownership through a calm discussion with them.

    Chalk out a plan for the term such as they will have 30 minutes to relax after school and they will do their homework for two hours. The consequence of violation need to be made clear if they are unable to do homework. Keep “no homework” times from Friday evening till Sunday morning to give them a break.

    Just give your children a feeling of you also being on the same team. Once discussed, write down the agreement and hang it on any prominent location at the home.

    7 Ways to Get Your Children to Do Their Homework
    7 Ways to Get Your Children to Do Their Homework

    4. No need to Micromanage your Children:

    Children can take the full ownership to do their home and you just don’t have to supervise them every day for this.

    To avoid micromanagement of your children, the following approach can be helpful to keep an eye on the progress.

    Just check with the teachers of your children if you can have a 5-minute chat with them every two months and have a look at the progress of your children. If the teachers have no issue, let your children know about this.

    You can discuss the consequences such as banning few privileges if there is any complaint. This will keep a check on children to complete the homework without your supervision as you are following it up with every teacher.

    5. Distraction-Free Area for Children to Do Homework:

    Make sure to have an area with no TV and any other distraction where you children can do homework. It is better to place mobile phones of family members in a designated area so children do not have any distractions at all.

    Establish boundaries between the children in that area to ensure that children don’t disturb each other.

    6. Acknowledge their Good Behavior:

    It is important and critical for you to acknowledge and appreciate the good behavior of your children.

    It is a simple rule that an increase in the frequency of a behavior is based on your focus. So the more you appreciate good behavior the more children will repeat it.

    7. Do Your Homework at the Same Time:

    Let your children know that you are too diligent to do your homework. It will inspire them to complete their homework.

    You can read a book, pay your bills, or learn a new skill during your homework time.


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