8 Massive Benefits of Using YouTube For Business


    With the growing popularity of videos, YouTube has established itself as the biggest video destination. YouTube has the maximum number of organic visitors and is the second most popular video search engine in the world.  Over 2 billion people are active on YouTube every month. This presents brands with a unique opportunity to portray their products in front of the target audience.

    However, brands need to realize that YouTube is a competitive arena, Today, there are over 15 million content creators on YouTube. If you want your brand channel to stand out from the 38 million other active channels, you should be ready to walk the extra mile. Certain businesses are skeptical about putting in the effort, and they contemplate the ROI of video making. If you are one such business, here are eight benefits of YouTube marketing that will help you make your mind.

    Being Visible to Your Target Audience

    At the core of any marketing strategy, lies the idea of giving the audience what they want.   With 22,000 YouTube channels having more than a million subscribers, working on your YouTube strategy is the first step to digital visibility. Ideally, you should have a posting schedule to ensure that you deliver consistent content.

    Try to come up with engaging content that expresses your views on industry matters. People will look up to you for your knowledge, and you will earn the credibility of your viewers. Considering that only 9% of small businesses have a dedicated YouTube channel, we can establish that this platform has a lot of untapped potentials.

    Cater to a Global Audience

    The world is a global village, and businesses operations are no longer restricted to geographical areas. YouTube is the most popular global platform and is available in 80 languages around the world. Creating consistent content on YouTube helps you reach potential customers across the world.

    Being well-versed in English is an added advantage while preparing YouTube content. Over 30% of YouTube views are in English, and knowing the language puts you at an advantage.

    Further, try to add subtitles and closed captioning to your videos while attempting to cater to a global audience. Such videos get 4% higher views and are easily discoverable by search engines. Interestingly, videos with subtitles are popular among people of all age groups and not restricted to those with hearing impairments. 80% of people who use subtitles do not have any form of hearing impairment.

    To improve the reach of your videos, add relevant call-to-actions (CTAs) to the content. The CTA can be a link to other videos, a landing page, an email autoresponder series, or details of the products on sale.

    Monetize AdSense for Video

    A look at the Latest youtube statistics reveals that there are thousands of YouTube channels that make six-figure profits every year. The appropriate use of Google AdWords and AdSense can help your brand earn money.  Here, you opt for plans where your brand pays when a viewer clicks on your video ad that is a part of some other video. This initial payment is accommodated in your digital marketing budget.

    Build an Email List on YouTube

    An average internet user spends about 17.5 minutes of their day browsing through YouTube videos. If your brand provides value-adding content, you can leverage email lists to get people to follow you. There is software that lets you embed the sign-up form into your YouTube videos.

    In such situations, the video will pause for some time and prompt the viewer to enter their email address for subscription to your list. Post that, the video playing will resume. This approach is especially useful if you are confident about the engaging nature of your video.

    Use YouTube as a Clutch to YouTube Visibility

    YouTube is a product of the Google family, and videos from this platform are given preference in search results. To make the most of it, you can create complementary videos to go with your blogs and articles. Video editing tools such as InVideo lets you automatically create a video from a written page.

    Then, post the video on YouTube and backlink it to your original web page. That way, your website gains authority in Google search results, and you will get better traffic to your webpage. Considering that 60% of searchers choose among the top three results of their Google result, ensuring high SERP is the key to driving traffic.

    Focus on the Quality of Video

    The production quality of your video plays a crucial role in deciding the views. An average YouTube viewer is 1.6 times more likely to pick a video with a better production value. Moreover, if you can add a personal touch to your videos, it will help build trust at a personal level.

    For situations where you want to drive traffic to a landing page, creating a video where an individual speaks about the product is an added advantage. Make sure that you color correct the video and have smooth transitions. The visual appeal of the video plays a crucial role in deciding its YouTube popularity.

    Repurpose Your Content

    If you are not keen on monetary investments at the moment, you can always repurpose your existing content. For example, if you have images from a recent CSR charity event, you can use a slideshow maker to create a video. Similarly, the use of appropriate stock images and video clips can help you create a video from your podcasts. When you post such content on YouTube, you cater to a diverse group of viewers and increase your chances of being heard.

    Use AdWords for Video

    Google AdWords is an excellent platform that supports businesses in reaching their target audience. While this is a paid service, the biggest advantage here is that you will pay only for the engaged views. That is, for situations where a viewer skips your ad or watches it for less than 30 seconds, you will not pay money.

    In the competitive digital space of YouTube, leveraging earned views to grow your business will give you a good ROI. That is because if a person watches 3 to 4 quality videos from your channel, they will be likely to subscribe to you.

    Then, as the viewer watches your video, they will be shown relevant ads from other videos. When the viewer clicks on such an ad, YouTube pays you 68% of the ad revenue. That way, you hit two birds with a stone and make money while promoting your brand.

    There are innumerable other benefits of using YouTube for business. As thousands of brands take to YouTube, it is for you to identify the perks and join the video revolution.


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