8 Reasons To Visit Hawaii

Have you thought about visiting the beautiful islands of Hawaii, but weren’t sure if you should? Perhaps you’re worried that it is too far away or that small islands wouldn’t provide you with enough to do. If you decide to island-hop, this could be a fun experience you wouldn’t want to end. Check out these 8 reasons why you should plan your visit today.

1. A Variety of Beautiful Places to Choose From

There’s no shortage of islands to choose from. Depending on what you want to get out of your vacation, from a busy island to a slow, laid-back lifestyle, there’s something for everyone who comes to visit Hawaii.

2. The Ability to Cruise if You Want

Have you thought about island-hopping but you weren’t sure if it was for you? Taking a Hawaii cruise might be the best way to experience everything the state has to offer. You can cruise to different islands during your trip, spending a short time there and returning to the island you are primarily staying on. Or, you could simply enjoy the peacefulness of a cruise.

3. Historical Sites

You can learn more about the state of Hawaii and its various historical sites, such as national parks and even sacred pools. Find out more about how this became part of the United States and the rich history that has surrounded Hawaii for hundreds of years.

4. A Rainforest Zoo

The Big Island of Hawaii is home to a rainforest zoo known as Panaewa Zoo. Here, visitors can see various animals such as a white tiger, monkeys, and other creatures in the beauty of tropical Hawaii. This is the only location in the United States to have a Rainforest Zoo, a favorite of children and adults alike.

5. Viewing an Active Volcano

Hawaii is home to active volcanos, sometimes making it possible to see eruptions. You can learn more about when the volcanoes erupt, how long, and how this affects the islands. Even if you venture out simply to see the hardened volcanic rock, it can still be an educational and enlightening experience.

6. Gorgeous Waterfalls Everywhere

There’s no shortage of beautiful waterfalls across Hawaii. If you have plans to go hiking, take pictures, or both, this is a good opportunity to find out what waterfalls are on the island you choose to go to, and see them in their full beauty. For those who live in areas where waterfalls are not plentiful, this can be a fun chance to view nature and learn more about the local ecosystem.

7. Swimming With Wildlife

Chances are good that you have plans to swim in the ocean. While out there, it is highly likely you’ll be joined by sea turtles and even dolphins. These animals are used to tourists, locals, and other people swimming in their water, so they often think nothing of joining a human swimmer. Remember to just enjoy their presence and take it as a moment in nature, rather than trying to force them to swim next to you.

8. Local Food That Can’t Be Beat

There are so many fun local dishes to try in Hawaii. From going to a luau and having a pig roast to trying famous shaved ice, there is something for everyone of all different tastes. If you enjoy seafood, you can expect what you find in Hawaii to taste fresh, in comparison to what you might have tried on the mainland.

Going to Hawaii is an experience that you likely won’t forget anytime soon. From viewing beautiful waterfalls to swimming with wildlife, seeing active volcanos and renowned historical sites, or taking a cruise and discovering

what all the islands have to offer, this can be a fun trip for the whole family. Of course, there are many more reasons than the ones discussed here, so start investigating and see how you can plan your own trip today.


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