A 44-year old man confessed to killing his wife, three children, and their family dog in Florida.


  • A woman, her three children, and their dog were found brutally killed in Florida
  • The man of the house confessed to the murders
  • He is due to be presented in court for charges of multiple murder and animal cruelty

Inside Story:

In late December, a woman, her three children, and their dog were mercilessly killed. 42-year old Megan Todt. 13-year old Alek Todt, 11-year old Tyler Todt, 4-year old Zoe Todt, and their dog breezy were found dead in their home on Reserve Place, and their bodies were found in January. 

Anthony Todt, 44, the husband and the father confessed to the killing of his wife and children.


On 29th December when a relative of the said family requested to check on them as they are unable to contact them. The last they heard of the family was when Anthony informed the relative that they all are suffering from flu.

The officer took up the request and went to their residence. After speaking to the neighbors and looking around they found nothing suspicious, so returned.

The authorities confirmed that since Anthony had a physical therapy practice in Connecticut so there were times that their house in Florida would be unoccupied.

On 9th Jan the Sheriff office was contacted by the Federal agents for help in arresting Anthony who was involved in a health care fraud.

Only after Anthony was arrested that the officers checked the house and discovered the bodies. 


The reason behind multiple murders is still unknown. The investigation is still under progress.

Anthony is currently in Osceola County Jail. He is charged with four counts of first-degree murder and one count of animal cruelty. He is soon to be presented in court.


Five lives are lost and the reason for the crime is still unknown. A person who is considered to be the safety rock of any family, the husband or the father, is tied here for the murder of his wife and children.

May the departed souls rest in peace and justice is served!

Stay safe! Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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