A California remote learning teacher calls 911 after witnessing burglar break into her students’ home during the class


A remote learning class teacher in California reportedly contacted the authorities by placing a call for 911 on Thursday as she witnessed someone break into her students’ home. Jennifer Peterson, the teacher, said that she makes sure all students log off before disconnecting which led her to notice on that particular day that two students who live together had not logged off. 

She then noticed their facial expressions that changed from concern to actual panic. According to the mother, Reyna Luna, who wasn’t present at home during this incident, a burglar had entered their home through a window who is suspected to be Louis Dulay, 55, and then fled the home through a back door. 

According to KOVR, the burglar hopped out the back fence to run away because he had said that he didn’t want to break or steal anything. According to Petersen, it was a horrifying incident as the children were begging for help, screaming aloud. She then reportedly called 911 and stayed online with the children until the authorities arrived. 

During the ordeal, another man made a call to 911 stating that a burglar had entered into his garage and that he was followed by several people with a rifle. The man resembled Dulay. Dulay was then charged with child endangerment, burglary, tampering with a vehicle, and loitering on private property with the intent to commit a crime and was taken into custody.


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