A former army medic rapes his daughter and kills her

A father sexually assaulted his own infant daughter and throttled her to death

According to the reports, he is a former army doctor and was sentenced to 15 years in prison for this horrible crime of raping his young daughter and then killing her after choking her by tying a rope tightly around her neck.

This man, Christopher Paul Conway, 25, pleaded guilty to the second-degree crime on Friday as part of a play to avoid inspection. Conway was actually taken in with two counts of first-degree murder, conscious molestation of a child, and child abuse.

Not just that, this crime dates back to November 14, 2017, when one of Conway’s twin daughters, Adeline, was found early in the morning by a mother with a hair dryer cord twisted around her neck and arm, while she was gasping.

Conway stated being at work at 4:30 am in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where he was a military doctor. His wife went to her twins’ house around 7 am in the morning for feeding when she discovered the baby.

The father first admitted his crime but later opposed it.

Conway revealed to the authorities that he assaulted and killed a 9-month-old girl but didn’t come out clean back then.

A network helping Conway’s innocence professed that the little girl had “had a dehumidifier cord wrapped around her arm and neck during the night” and that the girl had “developed fine motor skills. … … and has just started crawling and grabbing things. ”

The court case was to begin at the end of the month.

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