A Jealous Boyfriend Kills His Pregnant Girlfriend After She Dumped Him


Fauvrelle who was 26 years old and was 33 weeks pregnant when she got attacked several times by a knife in the bedroom of her own house in Thornton Health, South London on the 29th of June of last year. It came in the knowledge that her boyfriend, McKenzie stabbed her 21 times.

The couple’s unborn baby was delivered by cesarean at the house and rushed to the hospital where the baby died after four days as the baby had several brain injuries.

McKenzie and Fauvrelle had a relationship until early 2019 but she dumped him and she began a relationship with another man.

Jurors were told that Fauvrelle suffered a 20.4cm gash which pierced through her entire chest.

Fauvrelle’s sister who slept to the next door thought that there was a problem with the baby but as soon she arrived at Fauvrelle’s room she saw a deep wound by her hand. The other family members came into the room soon.

Jurors watched the CCTV Footage of a man wearing a baseball cap, white gloves, and walking along with the street near the house at around 2:15 am an hour before the brutal attack.

McKenzie continued to lie to the Police Officers until he was arrested some days later. He said that he was in his mom’s house and slept through the night.


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