A lawyer plans to sexually abuse a 12-years-old girl.


On Friday, a lawyer residing in Georgia is sentenced to serve in prison for more than a year, after he attempted to abuse a 12-years-old girl whose mother he met online.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office located in the Middle District of Florida the 34-years-old Richard Franklin Jensen claimed that he groomed a 12-years-old girl as a research for his book, and he also tried to involve his former law professor in this crime.

Last November, he was convicted by a jury for engaging a minor into the sexual activityIn Between May 23rd and June 1, 2015, Jensen met an undercover agent, who appeared to be the mother of the 12-years-old girl. Jensen felt that he was talking to a mother who wanted her daughter to get sexually abused by a man.

According to the federal prosecutors, Jensen admitted to the agents that he can travel from Georgia to Florida to teach a 12-years old girl the art of pleasing a man.

The statement further detailed that, “In addition to providing graphic details about the sexual abuse he wanted to perform on the child, Jensen asked the ‘mom’ to prepare the child for the sexual encounter by breaking the child’s hymen in advance of his visit to Tampa.”

Jensen used to message the girl and also graphically described her what he wanted to do with her when they will meet for the first time. The mother also received some sexually explicit pictures of himself he was about to share with her daughter.

Jensen was pronounced guilty for lying under oath. The court had ordered him to give up the device he used to share graphics with.


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