A man fired for being racist at a Lyft driver

A Lake Sammamish man has been restricted from Lyft and terminated from his occupation after he utilized bigot, unfavorable language and took steps to pee inside a Lyft driver’s vehicle Tuesday night in Issaquah. In a video shared by the driver David Kangogo, the rider went on a bigoted tirade after he supposedly wouldn’t wear a face-covering inside Kangogo’s vehicle, which is an approach with Lyft. 

Kangogo says he got the couple from Malarkey’s Sports Grill in Issaquah and afterward a couple of moments into the ride, the man removed his veil and would not return it on. That is when Kangogo says he pulled over and finished the ride. The video begins with the rider and his significant other getting kicked out of the vehicle. The rider at that point goes off on a bigoted tirade while his better half can be heard in the foundation instructing him to stop since she is additionally recording the occurrence on her telephone. 

In the video, the spouse is heard saying “we expected a Lyft ride home. That is the thing that we anticipated.” Kangogo is heard in the foundation answering, “just put on your cover.” Kangogo then gets in his vehicle and drives off as the rider and the lady leave the vehicle. 

Lyft says they have forever restricted the rider from utilizing the application after seeing the video. In a tweet, the organization expressed “There is a bad situation for segregation of any kind in the Lyft people group, and this conduct is unsatisfactory. We have forever eliminated the rider from the Lyft people group and are in contact with the driver to offer our help.” 

Issaquah Police say they know about the episode however Kangogo has not detailed it to the police. They can’t begin an examination until he does. A proprietor of Malarkey’s Sports Gril in Issaquah says the couple is presently prohibited from the eatery. 

The rider’s employer Wilbur-Ellis, posted via web-based media that the rider had been terminated from his occupation expressing, “Today we learned of an upsetting video that depicted sickening bigoted remarks by one of our representatives. His work has been ended taking effect right now. Wilbur-Ellis remains against prejudice in the entirety of its structures.”

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