A man killed his parents after they decided to get retirement

In 2016, Joel Guy Jr., 32 killed Joel Guy Sr. and Lisa Guy, 61 and 55 years-old respectively. He brutally stabbed his father 42 times and his mother around 30 times after he came to know that his parents are taking retirement and will cut off his expenses. The incident took place at their Hardin Valley home on Saturday. He dragged them to the main room, cut their clothes and chopped their bodies. He placed the pieces in plastic bins containing corrosive chemicals.

Testimony claimed that Joel Guy Sr’s face was put in the chemical and his skull was visible. He placed his mother’s face in a stockpot and kept it on a burning stove.

When Lisa didn’t appear for work, on Monday the bodies were found. Joel Guy Jr. was unemployed and lived on their parents earnings. When he learned about his parents retirement plan and આ out selling their house, he planned to kill them before driving to their home for Thanksgiving.

Prosecutors claimed that they found no evidence that Guy Jr. was mentally ill. He killed his parents for their assets and tried to remove evidence by burning the house.

Joel Guy Jr. is charged with two murders and two life sentences along with additional four years for abuse of a corpse.

Joel lawyer planning to file an appeal, allegedly collecting evidence and seizing from the crime scenes. 

Anjali Singh
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