A man was killed before his pregnant wife in a Hostage scenario

A pregnant woman was kidnapped by a gunman and was forced to watch as he executed her husband. Reportedly there was a murder spree in Tennessee counties during the weekend. The victims namely Jordan Stevens and his wife Aileen, who was four-month pregnant was driving along I-24 in their or mustang at the time when they were carjacked.

The shooter identified as 29-year old Dangelo Dorsey was identified by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. He ran up to them surprising them with a gun and took both of them as hostages. The suspect, Dangelo was found to have killed at least two people and wounding at least three others, and he opened fire on others while targeting  Stevens and Aileen on Sunday morning.

According to local reports, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) said Dorsey began his rampage earlier in the day when he killed 28-year-old Darcey Johnson as he sat in his car, injuring the co-passenger. In an attempt to escape the scene, TBI said Dorsey attempted to carjack another woman, but as she resisted he started shooting.

Bullet hit her hand and the truck driver in his face. Reports suggest they were not seriously injured. Dorsey then went on to carjack Jordan and Stevens, who were on their way to Church. He asked them to drive to their home in Morrison, where they switched vehicles, and Stevens was shot in front of his wife and his body was dumped. Dorsey then took Aileen on a high-speed car, that led to a police chase going up to 100 miles per hour.

The car later on crashed and rolled over near the marker 156 in Grundy County. The media outlet reported that Dorsey shot and killed himself at the scene while the Aileen was rescued and taken to hospital, where the baby is found to have been unharmed and she is expected to make a full recovery.

At this stage of the investigation, Police are unaware of why he started the killing spree and if these events had any connection. More information cannot be revealed as it is an ongoing investigation.

Nishad kinhikar
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