A North Carolina man arrested for racing his car 187 miles in order to show off his new Audi.

A man residing in the North Carolina wanted to gain everyone’s attention towards his new Audi that he pulled up the car’s speed in a police chase. On Sunday, Ayaz Naeem Ansari was arrested after he crashed his new car in order to avoid police stop signs.

While zipping through a construction site on Interstate 95, Ansari drew the attention of the Police. A trooper on the Highway tried to pull over the Ansari, but Ansari instead flee away in his new car. Ansari fled 187 mph in his Audi.

Regardless, what was the reason of him flying through the Highway, while speeding in a working zone?

Ansari informed that he wanted a ride to the beach where he wanted to flaunt his new car. He told the police that he wanted to show it off while heading towards Myrtle Beach.

Ansari’s audi lost its front grill in the crash while no one else were injured.

Apart from speeding up the car, Ansari was also booked in drug trafficking. 

The 39-years-old Ansari is presently held at the Johnston Country Jail in North Carolina. On the jail website, his arrest record was active fro drug charges but there were no traffic charges listed. According to the jail records, no bond was entered against the drug charges. Though WRAL says that he was held under the bond of $125,000.

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