A Replacement for Thanos is all Ready: Marvel’s greatest Villain

Everyone’s all-time favorite marvel movies are returning back with something new.

With the death of Thanos in the Endgame, the studio is working on the release of a mega villain that the avengers would face real soon. Let your heart skip a beat, this is the truth the new villain will be the greatest of all the times.

In simple terms, it is going to outshine all the other villains including the great Thanos. You can easily imagine the view I guess, something greater and better than Thanos would be really something different, giving everyone a completely different vibe. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic is on and spreading with a great speed no one is daring to do any outdoor activities. In these situations filming a movie or its release is another level challenge.

A Replacement for Thanos is all Ready: Marvel’s greatest Villain
A Replacement for Thanos is all Ready: Marvel’s greatest Villain

Especially in the United States, everyone is living in fear, the coronavirus cases are surging up faster there. No one knows when things would be back to normal, and when the communities will be open.

Talking about the movies that were going to be released either has been put on hold or is canceled.

There is no recent news about the release of Black Widow in November, which means the premiere can’t be guaranteed. Christopher’s Nolan Tenet was also postponed last week.

There are no chances of the shooting of the movies, thus shooting of TV series and movies that are part of MCU Phase 4 is all hanging in between.

The shooting of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was supposed to be resumed in the Czech Republic this summer, but the European Union may ban travel from the US as long as the coronavirus cases are surging up. 

But, nothing can stop the Marvels from working behind the scenes for its breathtaking cinematic universe scenes.

There are a number of reports that are suggesting that the Marvels are building up detailed progress on a number of the Phase 4 projects.

Among them, one of the most exciting rumors was about the launch of the greatest villain, a creation of such an impactful character that would make us forget Thanos completely.

Thanos was one of the incredible villains in the avenger’s series; he was one of the standout characters of the Infinity Saga. 

Marvel is all set to weave another Infinity saga style story or multiple storylines made of plenty of standalone films and TV series. For making it happen, there will be the need for a new avenger team and of course a new villain for the incredible face-off. 

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