A sting operation exposed and arrested 34 men for a child sex crime.

According to the FOX26 News, the reason behind several criminals getting arrested for child sex crimes were able to manage bail out of jail is just because the charges scheduled for the bail was only $5,000.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office made a request to increase the bail charges for a man named Thomas Binford, who was already convicted for sexually assaulting a minor, and also he is a registered sex offender.

Therefore, a judge has increased his bail amount to $500,000.

34 Central Valley men were arrested by the Fresno County Sheriff Department for soliciting sex from children.

An operation named “Operation COVID Chat Down” was an excellent effort by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force that took place between July 20th and August 2nd.

According to the FSCO, COVID-19 has increased the kid’s online presence making them extremely vulnerable to the cybercrime predators attack. This year almost double pedophiles were arrested than compared to 2019.

The 34 men arrested were between 19-63 years old. The detective personated as 12 and 13-years old children to catch these criminals. Sheriff Margaret Mims, of the Fresno County, said that these criminals have traveled some other place in the Central Valley to Fresno expecting to meet children.

A sting operation exposed and arrested 34 men for a child sex crime.
A sting operation exposed and arrested 34 men for a child sex crime.

Many of these were already registered and convicted sexual predators. One of them was Thomas Binford, 55, from Clovis, arrested for sexually abusing a child. The sting operation again exposed him while he was trying to meet with a child for sex.

The detectives discovered child pornography in his house, including infant rape and infant bondage images.

According to the detectives, another man arrested was HIV positive, who was planning to have unprotected sex with a 13-years-old teen.

Out of the 34 men 22 have already bailed out, while 3 were on pre-trial release.

Midori Howo, the Chief Deputy District Attorney said that “Good teachers will notice if something seems off. But that can’t happen over Zoom.”

According to Sheriff Mims’ statement, “They were coming from Tulare County, from up North in Stockton, Merced County area, Kern County. We call this kind of case a ‘Traveler case’ they actually travel some distance to meet with these children, specifically to exploit them sexually.”

Sheriff Mim further added, “ICAC detectives are well aware that suspects who view child pornography can easily progress to hands-on crimes against children.”

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