A Texas based man killed his wife and kids because he was tired of their yelling.


A 57-years-old James Lee Webb from Texas killed his wife and his two teenage sons because he got tired of their yelling, says the police.

Their neighbor Chanel Lockhart was shocked on hearing the news. She informed that she last spoke to the deceased mother Victoria Ronack Bunton on Friday.

In her statement, delivered to the Fox News, she told that, “Last time I saw her, she was getting groceries out of the car and the boys were helping her.” She further added, “You would never think that he would do that. And she had a heart. She was so sweet to everybody. You’d never think that one day he would call and say he killed his kids.”

The murderer is identified as James Webb. Webb is currently facing the charges for murdering his family. According to the WLTX, James Webb has gone by the name James Manning. As the Dallas County Jail record returns the search for James Manning and not James Webb.

The arrest affidavit says, that the couple woke up around 10 a.m. on Monday and started arguing. Webb had a headache and complained that the children were too loud. Ultimately he took out his gun and shot Bunton twice, according to the police. The he went for his 16 and 13-years-old son.

Webb waited for an hour and then he called for 911 as an emergency medical alert device and confessed to the officials to what he did. Webb decided to speak to the cops without an attorney when the cops arrived at the scene. He said, “he was tired of all three of the victims yelling and telling him that there was nothing wrong with him, so he shot them.”

The cops reported that he confirmed every detail how the scene went and informed where the murder weapon is.

Webb is facing the charges for capital murder. On Monday, he was booked according to the Dallas county jail records. His bond is set at $3 million. It is not yet sure if Webb hired an attorney.

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