Authorities on Monday said that, a man belonging to the Washington state after he suffered a 100 foot fall during a hike in north- central Arizona.

Yavapai County Sheriff’s officials said that they got a 911 call on October 9 during the night regarding an overdue hiker in Boynton Canyon west of Sedona. 

29 year old Jordan Brashears along with two men were hiking and were headed to see ancient ruins in the canyon. All these men were about a half mile from the Enchantment Resort on the east wall of the canyon near a set of ruins when Brashears went ahead of them.

His two mates lost sight of him and the guy was hiking barefoot. They called out and looked for him for at least an hour before they made a call to the sheriff’s office.

On October 10, the searchers discovered a water jug which apparently belonged to Jordan along with his shoes and a cell phone before his body was located  on the east side of the canyon.

The sheriff’s say that that Jordan fell more than 100 feet and there was no sign of fall play. His body was taken to the county medical examiner for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. 

Vallusha Gupta
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